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Hi, I’m Giza Hary and I am a Brazilian registered nutritionist. My work is around the world with online consultations. I have attended more than 200 patients in 8 countries, especially Brazilians. My clients are in England, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Scotland, France, United States and Brazil. Online consultations are the same as face to face, since I visited a lot of countries and I have Hungarian citizenship, I can help you to start eating better and find all the supplements and healthy food you need in your country.

I have a degree in nutrition from PUC-PR, specializing in functional nutrition and nutritional coaching and healthy lifestyle. I also have training in nutritional coaching and four courses in gastronomy: santé, classic, pâtisserie and boulangerie. With more than 10 years of experience in the national and international market, I seek through my experience to bring people a full understanding of good food and maintenance of quality of life. I am also a businesswoman, founding partner of Âme Santé, a gastronomy and food service consulting company. I understand that nutritional guidance should prioritize the pleasure of eating, focusing on and respecting the person’s relationship with food, without having to be radical.

My type of work

I work with nutritional care through 3 pillars: functional nutrition, eating behavior and nutritional coaching.

With my expertise in functional nutrition, I will better understand your needs, deficiencies and excesses as a human being. Through the balance of nutrients and after knowing your biochemical individuality, I will indicate the most appropriate food plan for you, with the inclusion of foods for the proper functioning of your body and maintenance of your quality of life.

In addition, in my consultations, I discuss eating behavior associated with nutritional coaching, which will help you to see food in a lighter way, changing your relationship with food. In this way, you will be able to understand that food does not need to be restricted, monotonous or tasteless.

With the use of this method, we will be able to treat cases of anxiety, stress, allergies and other diseases, as well as the transition to vegetarianism, veganism, or even weight loss and muscle mass gain, all focused on your individual goal.

nutricionista funcional em curitiba parana

My services are approached in a light and clear way, so that you develop self-knowledge and have autonomy when making your choices. I’m here to help you on your journey!

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Gizella Hary Mingardi

CRN 7167

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